How does SimpleSim Work?

SimpleSim can help your course instructors or course creator to create full length exam simulations right out of Thinkific by means of a seamless integration. The course creator can add any number of simulations for a particular course in Thinkific based on the plan that the training organization has subscribed to. Course creators can import questions via excel import, provide explanation for correct answers, attach images to questions, update simulation etc. Once the simulations are set up for a particular course, students can attempt the simulations in SimpleSim from their Thinkific account by means of a seamless integration with SimpleSim. Students can attempt the time-based simulation, skip questions, directly jump to the question they would like to attempt, submit the simulation and see the results, reattempt it based on the limit set by the training provider, review the answers that they provide vs. the correct answer, get performance reports and more.

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