How to Use SimpleSim

Upon successful installation, the course creator will be automatically taken to the SimpleSim account.

However, if the course creator wishes to log into SimpleSim at a later point, (s)he can do so by going to SimpleSim and providing the Thinkific subdomain/School name and clicking “Go”.

This will take the course creator to the Thinkific login Page.

Login to Thinkific Admin Account.

Upon providing the Thinkific login credentials, the course creator will be taken to SimpleSim App.

What does the Course creator landing page in SimpleSim look like? #

How to create a simulation for a particular course? #

All the courses listed in Thinkific will appear in the Course creator’s (Admin) profile. Select the course for which the simulations need to be added

Select a course – Success Guaranteed ECBA Training Course here – and click on Simulations

Click on New Simulation

Provide the following details:

  • Name – Name of the simulation
  • Duration – Duration of the simulation in minutes
  • Pass Percentage – The percentage required to pass the exam
Download the question import template.

Follow the instructions on the first sheet of the question import template and fill
the second sheet accordingly.

Import questions ONLY in .XLSX format.
This is how the Question Import Template will look like
Follow the instructions in the Instructions Sheet.

Click on the QUESTIONS sheet and fill it in according to the instructions. The star
marked columns can’t be empty.

After adding questions and options, save the file and click on choose file to import questions.

After importing the file, click on Save Changes.

Any errors in the import will be shown and the admin needs to rectify the errors,
if any and reimport the questions excel sheet once again after rectification.

If there are no errors, the Save Changes button will be enabled for Saving. Else,
the button will not be enabled unless the errors are rectified.
Upon successful import of questions, the page looks like this. A message will be
displayed on top that the data was saved successfully.
We can also add images to questions here, modify questions and options, and add/delete questions on this page.

If there are no modifications, click on the Close button.

If there are any modifications and/or additions, do the necessary changes and click on Save Changes.

A sample image has been added to the first question for demonstration purposes by going to the question to which image needs to be added. Click on Choose File. Browse and select the image to be uploaded.

Click on Save Changes

How to add questions manually #

Scroll down to the bottom of the “Update Simulation” page (shown in the previous image) and click on Add Question

A Blank question with options will be created. Provide the question, options,
append image if any, etc.
Click on Save Changes.
With this, the simulation setup is complete.

We can find the simulation – Simulation Test – 1, in the course – Success
Guaranteed ECBA Training.

How to edit questions in a particular simulation at a later point in time: #

Select the simulation which needs to be edited for a particular course. Click on View Details.

Click on the Edit button.
Now we can edit the questions here – add images, modify option text etc.
Do the necessary changes and click on Save Changes.

How to modify a couple of questions/append questions for a particular simulation via excel import #

Click on New Simulation.

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